Monday, August 27, 2012

Away we go.

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Hi again!  It's been a little bit since I've had time and the thoughts to write.  There have been a few things going on this summer that have been out of the ordinary.  Well at least for the last few years, anyway.  A friend and I went to West Virginia to see her dad and enjoyed a "little stroll' through the park.  And by stroll, I mean hike... uphill and yes it felt like both ways!  I had to stop a few times to get my breath and still felt like I was pushing 60.  Going up hill is not like taking the dogs around the block and although it almost kicked my butt... I made it to the top of the lookout... at the top of the mountain.  See?

After that little trip we went to the beach to see her mom and enjoyed a few days in the sun.  Yes, I still get lobster red when in the sun and it was hot but I made it!  The hotel was great and there was a lot to do.  We even saw Elvis!

Well not the real Elvis but this guy... David Cheney and did a pretty darn good impression and had a wonderful rich voice.  Yeah I know... I'm getting old... so what else is new?  You may wonder who the friend is I was with and it would be Spunky from The Rack.  She is the one who introduced my to my current roommate 20 years ago and after many years we reconnected.  After a summer hanging out a little a few days ago we both ran into an old bar patron from that time too and the blast from the past continues.  This lady was also another old neighbor of mine in the old homestead place, but she moved before the hood moved in.  And looking at her was like a way back machine because she literally had not changed in 16 years.  It was amazing and as you may guess the difference between us was startling.

While things are slowly coming together around here, it is still a long way away.  Trying to make decisions while factoring in what's going on in the world is harder than it looks.  But I've come to the decision to buy the RV and at the very least have it handy in case there is a need to get away.  I've been searching for one now about 2 weeks and the good ones are getting gone fast so I have got to step up the search.  I have mixed feelings about this and will describe them more in detail in a latter post. Also Trey's 22nd birthday is coming up soon and it brings fresh new feelings of sadness as well as seeing all the kids going back to school.  Bittersweet memories for sure and I'm missing the little bugger even more.  But for now I must get ready for another beach trip coming up soon.  Sort of a last vacation before the work starts in earnest.  So until then... take care of you! Hugs...      

10. Children and Pit Bulls at Christmas >>>>>