Monday, September 12, 2011

Where do we go from here?

If anyone from my Facebook friends happens to read this then they might think I've lost what is left of my mind...and that okay.  Not the first or the last time I've heard that!  Anyone that goes against the norm usually is labeled as crazy, dumb or worse.  I am used to it and I want to thank everyone who ever said those words to me.  I don't feel like I am doing anything right unless I hear those words :)   And greed is ruining almost everything that is good, decent or fun from food to education to our health to government and even to our religions.  While I've known this for a long time and I am sure most of you do too, at least deep in your heart, but most don't want to think about it much less hear about it.  Now I know that it is hard to hear the truth about our society and many want to believe that it's not as bad as it looks because if you did then it would mean you have to DO something.   But if you have been seeing the conspiracy theories I have been posting... please understand I am on a search and don't necessary believe everything about what I post.  It is really interesting what others think and are willing to say it to the public.  I give them props because I understand just how difficult it is to go against the grain.  
I am the first one to admit I don't have all the answers or even some but I do realize that the present system isn't working.  How can I tell? Just walk out the door of your average home and take a good look around.  Start from your neighborhood and continue on to the city.  If you have a job pay attention to the hierarchy of your company and especially to the top people.  After you stop watching the news as it is real and start watching it as entertainment for the wealthy then you can start to see the pyramid that we are living on.  We are making a few others rich while we struggle everyday to keep up.  And we are lucky because many on this earth are starving, homeless, dying and other wise marginalized.  At the very least we don't have bombs blowing up our schools and hospitals...yet! Cities in America are crumbling remnants of what is left of the old society.  And while I have heard many of the promises of the politicians I have yet to see a better world. Only one that is slowly getting worse for the average person.  As a PI for 10 years I watched the rich in our city throw away their families without a thought over and over again.  I have also seen just how much they do not obey the laws that us average citizen would be buried under the jail if we were caught.  These are some of the same people who influence law in the first place. 

Interesting enough I had issues with the way my boss ran the PI company because they used the McDonald's philosophy of hiring.  They hired them young, pushed them hard to burnout in short order and then disposed of them... The few that remained were left to clean up the mess and do all the work that new people can't do. The bosses right hand man was a yes man that held all the important information close the vest and had the ability to play us against each other.  Now I understand that he was between a rock and hard place BUT why make it worse for us all?  Having a spine and speaking the truth was apparently too much to ask for because he like many others are simply looking out for their own. I inherited the "Senior Investigator and pain in the ass position" because the last one simply had enough and left.  So by default I was it.  Yeah me... NOT! 

After being fed up with the yes man, I spent weeks writing a four page page letter detailing the problems with as much information I could obtain and gave it to the boss.  The closet idealist was trying to gain a level playing field for the rest of us.  Their response was... the letter had good flow.  I told them I wasn't looking for a good grade from the teacher, I was looking to open their eyes to the persistent problems that needed addressing.  No such luck.  That incident speaks volumes about how much the elite care for the people they use to support them.  They don't care what it takes to get the job done.  And I had it good at my firm because I have heard many stories about the business and bosses.  I am sad to say I still remained at that company because it was one of the top two firms in my city and the only other option was open my own business.  I had no desire to take on that kind of responsibility but had not decided where to go from there.  My heart was not in this job anymore and you could tell just as plain as day.

Personally my choices were limited because of a lack of a degree and that meant starting over doing something else.  I stayed at the company 3 years too long and should have changed after 5 years.  Just call me jack of all trades and master of none.  I didn't want a big life style.  I did how ever want to be able to pay the bills with a little left over for savings and in this world, it gets harder and harder everyday.  I wanted to have a decent place to live, spent roughly $25K  on my teeth between mom and me over the years, cars to drive and of course Trey.    I have worked hard all my life to the point of exhaustion at times and never felt like I was going any where except deeper in the hole.  I was wore out literally and I know that I hated feeling trapped more than anything else. I had refinanced the house after completing the bathroom so I could clear all the debt into 1 manageable payment.  My credit was great and I was hoping the remodel would be a draw to the house and over come the location because it was way past time to get out of the city.  I wanted a simpler life and life said... good luck on that one!

So whatever you do or wherever you go always remember that the time we spend trying to run the rat race is time away from the most important things in life.  Please don't make the same mistakes I made and wake up to what is really happening in this world.  Don't take my word for it or even someone else word... go and find out for yourself.  The more I read the more I understand that it is going to take each and everyone of us working together to take our world back from the insanely evil soul sucking system that is currently running things.