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Long Distance Friendships During War

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The world of technology has opened many doors for the good, bad and ugly.  I want to highlight the good today by writing about some really wonderful people I've had the privilege of corresponding with over the years.  People who I've never met in person but have found a connection with over the internet.  But these are good people in very bad positions which are a direct cause of our own government.  If you are even remotely aware of the conflict that is ever growing in Syria then you might have an idea about the contradictions I'll be writing about.  If not then please let me introduce you to a wonderful, beautiful soul that I've been chatting with for about 4 years.  Pink Rose was one of my first Facebook friends and has stuck it out with me until this day.  She was always encouraging me and understood the pain of losing a child as if she had to endure the heartache herself.  For me the depth of empathy she had was an incredibly rare ability and I'll always be thankful for her, her friends and family.

You may be thinking how well do I really know her being on the internet and all.  And I must admit it is harder to really know people from behind the computer screen but at some point, maybe even before we became friends, I added her real time, real life best friend to my Facebook friends as well as her dear nephew.  Her name is Domi and she is another beautiful sweet soul and his name is Jacob, a handsome bright young man with a lot of natural creative talent.  Over the years the two friends bantered back in forth and I can see that they loved each other dearly and had many family get togethers, even in this day and age.  What always impressed me in some of their pictures is they all made time for one another and... they were really happy.  It's very hard for some of us over here in America to have time, inclination or even the will to scramble through the day, but from what they have explained to me, over in Syria they did enjoy a different way of life.  They still and always will love their country AND their President.  They are not afraid to say it either but as always the western media is twisting the facts to justify the ever rolling war machine that must be preserved at any and all cost.  For me it is just plain horrifying to message my friends and tell them how sorry I am for my part in this nasty display of full on psychopathic greed under the guise of democracy.

The hard part is finding that too many people in my location have wrote off all the fighting in the Middle East as one ongoing event and not understanding that the geography, politics and most importantly the people are very different.  I'm not taking anything away from the victims of Palestine because they have suffered for many years and deserve their rights to their land, life and liberty.  I'm also not taking anything from those in Libya who recently had their whole way of life yanked out from under their feet... again from US imposed democracy... or any other land that is currently under attack.  I understand that it was all a bit hard to keep up with when we were younger, but with technology as abundant it is, it is no longer a viable reason to remain ignorant.  I was just plain lucky to have met Pinkrose, Domi and Jacob on the social networking site, at the time that I did.  Again when I first started Facebook I played a lot of the different mindless games while trying to deal with the loss of Trey and it was through that activity I found some of the most incredibly open, warm and supportive souls that kept in touch and encouraged me in the most kindest way possible.  I don't know about you guys, but that still means something to me and I think it is really important to acknowledge those who have made a difference in our lives.  It is for them I want to share some of her messages with those who are willing to listen... After years of light banter between us girls, things started to really change for the worse and this first message was one of distress, quite understandably.

PR: good morning Kristin its 7 45 A m now in syria...i just want to thank u a lot for sharing videos that expose the truth about whats going on in syria...we really need that support from all the world....its breaking my heart how we used to live in peace we used to love each other to do whatever we want...many people think wrong about the middle u know that my daughter is studying in british school where all her subjects re in english..she play tennis swim and most people do the same and maybe more..domi s kids re studying in french telling u that cause i know how much u care about us....we re not riding camels anymore like the west like to say about u know that we can go out alone (women) after midnight we go parties play cards...all that is over now we lost all our safety and all that is because of usa and europe i really dont know what they want from us..why our happiness is bothering them..who told them that we want freedom or democracy....i have the rights as christian here in syria maybe more than any christian in the world....please i want my voice to reach all over the world....and i need my friends help...........wish u the best..and sorry for bothering u in my problems but since 7 monthes im totally sad i cant sleep thinking of all those innocence young men who are dying every day for nothing............hugs and kisses 10/27/11

Me: Please don't apologize! I am here for you in the only way I know how and my heart breaks for you. There are large demonstrations going on here in a LOT of cities. The wealthy elite are trying to destroy everything in their path for control over the world. Some are finally waking up....rather slowly but it is still a start.

We here in america we could only dream of living the life you guys had and that is the big story that is NOT talked about. We have been programmed to believe the lies and some people will not wake up at all. For that I am truly sorry...but I am done being silent. I have felt trapped most of my life and have decided that being a slave to capitalism was not going to happen any longer. I have unplugged from the system as much as possible and refuse to enter again!

I have grown to love a few people in this world and you and family are one of them. I am so sorry for what is happening because we should have been paying more attention and now I am sure things are going to get even harder for us all. God bless you and hugs and much deserved peace.... 10/27/11

Me: The more I read about what is truly going on the more my heart breaks. I know you don't have a lot of time to let me know what's going on in Syria but I saw where Domi has already moved. After reading this article I can understand why and hope you and your family can find a way to stay clear of the dangers of war. If that's even possible because I know you love your home and your president. There is going to be so many changes for us both in this new weird world we are living in and I just want to say be careful my friend. I would love to met you one day... so stay safe! Hugs and hope... 02/10/12

PR: My dearest friend I'm so sad i cant stop crying 2 big explosions this morning in aleppo where i live so many dead people most from our brave army i beg u tell everyone u know America and Europe re paying to the terrorist to kill us maybe one day u ll hear that I'm dead so pray for us we just have god now who we hope he ll save us. Thx sweety for your caring 02/10/12

Me: GOD Bless you my friend and all that have fallen to the greed few. I will always care and feel so helpless... but I am here and will continue to share as much info as I can. I love you... be safe! 02/10/12

PR: Thx dear in spite of everything we sill have hope that one day the world will hear our voices .... love u 02/10/12

Me: Hi my friend. You and your family have been on my mind so much lately and I love the family pictures you posted. How are you? Silly question? It still pains me to know what my country is doing to yours and I hate it with all my heart.

I want to write a piece about you and your family in my blog with your permission, for the few people who may read it and would like to know if I could use a few pictures of yours from FB as well?. I just want the people who know me, to see the truth about what is going on there because it is so important. I feel so helpless and all I have is my words to help open people eyes to the tragedy you have to endure on a daily basis.

Please know you are not forgotten and I dearly love our friendship. There have only been a few people in this world who have touched my heart and you are one as well as Domi. Things are changing here in my own personal world too and I just want to say I love and pray for you. Hugs 05/25/12

PR:  My dearest friend Kristin your words touched the very deep of my Heart and made me cry i really apprecate your caring especially in this time when I m feeling so sad and helpless.. U know that one year before we used to live happy live in a lovely and safe country with my great family. i have my own shop where I work .. But now what everything had gone my country had been ruined we can't go out as before and even when we go we re not sure if we re going to be back home or we will being killed or kidnapped .. My lovely brother immigrated with his wife who used to be my best friend.. lately I was obliged to close my shop and i have a loan to the bank so maybe if i dont pay... so soon my house will be taken from me.. A whole life ruined But i still have faith that God will help me and help all the Syrians who lost everything because of dirty game was played by America and Europe ... sorry to tell all that but I'm really so i need to talk to someone... about the pics ... Hun I trust u so so much so feel free as my page is yours .. and I really hope that things get better here and u can come to here to see my adorable county and my lovely family... love and hugs to u.  05/25/12

Me:  That is so very sad. It is so wrong for you to lose everything you've worked for on top of just trying to stay alive day to day. I've only had to walk half that road and can't imagine the rest. It is okay for you to be upset and MAD!!! I would be, I AM.

Thank you for letting me share your story with anyone who'll listen. If the truth is repeated often enough... just maybe people will start to see what is truly going on. I am a slow writer but as soon as it is finished I'll send you a link to make sure it is okay with you. I will be doing a little research on Syria and want to make sure I get it right. Things are tightening here in the US as the crackdowns on freedom are increasing, but a few more people seem to be waking up every day.

I may not have too many answers but I am here to listen if you need to vent about anything. I can't tell you things will be alright... but I know you are one strong woman and you will be able to make them right... in time. God Bless you, your family and your country! Hugs.. 05/25/12

PR: hi really so sorry for my last message i was so mad and upset at that time..i was just heard that someone whom i knew was kidnapped and i was so sad for him..dont be worry dear..also things re so bad but i still have a big faith that things will be soon better..syrians love and adore their country make us strong and in spite of everything we re trying to live our life as usual...sometimes in spite of the bombs outside i go out with my daughter im sure that if i would die...i would even if i am at home hiding like chicken..about what u re writing if u need any information i can help and so jacob will..he is a young brave guy who adore his the way i feel selfish that i always tell u about my problem and i never listen to u..please fell free to tell me anything u want..u ll find a real true friend who listen ..share...and help...and again and again im really wanting u to come here to syria someday..all what u need is a ticket and u can live with us and i promise u..u ll enjoy it a hugs.. 05/25/12

PR: hi dear how re u...i just wanted to tell u that things re so so bad here..we re extremely afraid and we even dont know if we re going to stay alive or not..all what i want from that if something happen to tell everyone u know..that im a syrian woman who used to live in a wonderful country..then America AND Europe..came and ruined my adorable Syria...please..pray for us now..or for our souls if we die..and remember always that u re one of the most wonderful women ive ever u a lot..god bless u 07/25/12

I don't know about you, but could you imagine how you'd feel trying to live any sort of life while under threat of kidnappings, bombings, killing of innocent people with the constant fear of losing family members and everything you have ever worked and saved for.  Do you think that it can't possibly happen to you?  Why must we send more of our kids to kill other people kids for the sake of money, control and power to an already insane inhumane system?  So who would you believe?  The bought and paid for media or a real human being, living in the middle of this never ending conflict over control.  Me personally, I will go with my dear friends words for they carry far more weight than any government official.  While a lot of my FB friends are still debating which president to vote for in this coming election or better yet trying to figure out which is the lesser of two evils, I can only hope that they will see they are still voting for evil anyway they look.  The truth is our society now values death and destruction more than life and creativity born of freedom.  How much longer will you remain silent about the things that are important?  You probably don't have all that much time before even freedom of speech is revoked on a technicality... so you might want to hurry up! 

Well guys, this is important to me because I see the human being behind the words from one across the world.  I have a lot in common with Pinkrose, more than I ever thought possible.  I have lost many people very dear to me and more importantly I've had a hard time being heard... but it hasn't stopped me yet. ;)  I have stated a few times I have been curious of other cultures and now more than ever because I CAN!  Each one of you out there can too if you put aside whatever BS you've gotten from the tube and simply take a little time.  The people are real and they MATTER.  They have hopes and dreams just like us and they want to live without our interference.  The world is still full of wonders if only for a little longer.  Don't miss out and please think responsibly.  Lives are depending on it! 


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