Thursday, December 20, 2012

Children and Pit Bulls at Christmas

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By now most of you have heard or read about the shootings in Connecticut where 20 children around 6 years of age and 7 adults, lost their lives in a terrible act of cruelty.  Just before that happened locally we lost another teenager named Kayla due to a possible suicide and she was just 16 years old herself.  This young beautiful life and death was on my mind when the news broke about the Connecticut shooting and my heart broke again, much like many of you who've heard and cared.  To me it is another long list of innocent lives lost because we are too preoccupied to pay attention to what the world is coming to.  A lot of people are trying to draw attention to the plight of other children around the world who are in far more dangerous situations than we have right here at home.  For each of them who try to educate the public on what we, as a nation are doing to other kids around the world... you have my deepest, heartfelt thanks.

It's still hard for me to find the right words that express all the sorrow and pain in my heart but for those innocent ones I must find the words... for them.  They are the ones that really matter to me because their voices have been drowned out with all the focus on the perpetrators of evil in our world... and the ones that will capitalize on these events.  And for their parents I can imagine all to well the dark times they are going through and understand that few words can ease the pain they feel.  Even with losing my own child I cannot even fathom losing a child to the hands of a person or persons that simply saw them as a means to an end.  A justification to get whatever they wanted at any cost.  But that's what is happening here in our own country and it is happening with more frequency.  We are losing our innocent ones all over the world at an alarming rate for all the world to see, but few are changing their views, instead trying to fit everything in a black and white category.  And even fewer are actually standing up to this imposed control system with any clue to what the real problems are that we all face... everyday.  

I know it took me losing the most important person in my life to stand up for what is right and it shouldn't have to be that way.  If I had done it while Trey was still here maybe things may have turned out differently... maybe not.  But each and everyone of you who have children or care for a vulnerable individual should not wait until it's too late... like I did... like the parents of Sandy Hook did.  The people in charge of this world do not care for you, your loved ones or the quality of life because if they did... things would already be different. People would not feel the need to protect their kids with Kevlar and school would be a place to learn about life... not death in all its forms.  But instead we mostly just follow the rules and keep our head down hoping that all the ugliness will pass us by without a mark.  It is this attitude that has led us to where we are today.  

Each of the children at Sandy Hook, in Palestine, Syria and the countless other countries who have lost their lives are not the first casualties of a war so insatiable that not one of us is safe from all that it touches.  Instead of looking at the capitalization of this entire system created by and for the greedy, most are still arguing about gun control or claiming that this is an act of God so we all must bow down and pray.  While it never hurts to pray, it does hurt when we choose prayers instead of action based on evidence to prevent another senseless tragedy.  If you are wondering just what to do, start researching everything you think you know and then do what you can do to withdraw from this psychopathic system while helping others do the same.  Sounds simple huh?  Well it's not and it is a life changing process that will take an enormous amount of effort.  It may even separate you from the ones you love the most as they can not understand why you are doing it.  But the only other choice is to stay calm, complacent and clueless as this world changes minute by minute.  I'm certainly no expert in anything and don't know how much of a difference I can make... but I will try.                

So where do pit bulls fit in to this story?  Well, we have a fairly new neighbor who owned a beautiful and so sweet pit bull named Sue.  She was so gentle and shy but I only got to see her a few times.  I had no idea that the man who got her wasn't allowed to have pets in his rental property due to the agreement he had signed when he moved in.  But he found her and rescued her and loved that dog so very much.  Because we have two dogs I can certainly understand the connection to these beautiful beings because my dog Gus saved my life after Trey died.  The bond that we have established will not be broken that easily.  The woman that owns this neighbors property found out about Sue and demanded that the renter either get rid of the dog or move.  My neighbor spent a month quietly trying to find a place for the dog with no luck and I didn't have a clue until it was all over.  Unfortunately it was too late to save Sue because after Animal Control picked the dog up on Wednesday, Sue was put down that night... no looking for a home for her... no chance at finding a place in this world simply because of the rules.  She was a pure breed pit bull and that is a death sentence here in North Carolina.

After researching the owner of the property I found that she is a Remax realtor who sells homes throughout the area and lives in one of the better communities in Charlotte... not the hood where we currently reside.  The owner is not legally liable for the damages she has caused and because the renter had Sue without consent, I do understand that he is partly responsible as well.  But the fact remains that just because she was within her rights to enforce the contract, doesn't mean that it was a morally correct thing to do.  Her greed and apathy caused a innocent being to die and I personally think it should be well known throughout the real estate land.  If you or someone you know is looking for a property to buy or rent, I would advise that you not use her or her service because her ideals are not conducive to life, freedom and happiness.  Her ideals support greed, control and the loss of life.  A dog might not be as important as the children of Sandy Hook, or the teenager who took her life... but any breathing creature on this planet deserves to have a place whether it is allowed by the never ending rules or not.  And what we allow will continue... until we make a stand.  I may be too late to save Sue and I will live with that from now on because I didn't make an effort to talk to the renter sooner.      

I  was a property owner for a while trying to rent the home I lived in and know just how hard it is to find good quality people who will take care of the property.  There are 4 others homes for sale and rent just on this street alone so inventory is way up and demand is way down in these times.  Since this renter has moved in he has done a wonderful job of turning the house into a lovely property and I would have been lucky to have had him for a tenant.  Since he's lived here he even cuts our grass regularly and that is something you just don't find too often anymore.  Unfortunately the renter didn't have the resources to move especially at Christmas time and he was stuck between a rock and a hard place.  My heart goes out to him as well because he lost a friend that day here at Christmas too.  The heartlessness of this owner must be addressed in any manner that is possible.  The owners name is Sylvia A. Hefferon and here is her web page.  Her address is 1108 Bellemead Ln. Charlotte NC 28270-9755. 

As for the Animal Control people, their hands were tied because of the policy set forth by the Charlotte City Counsel that classifies pit bulls as a dangerous breed and therefor refuses to let them be adopted.  This blanket status is completely wrong and each situation should be accessed accordingly.  It gets even worse because on December 16, 2012 a police officer shot at two pit bulls and killed one because the officer was either scared and over reacted or uncaring.  Again I understand that sometimes coming upon a large unfamiliar dog in stressful situations can be a challenge for any seasoned professional... but this is the job... they signed up for.  What makes this even worse is the woman, Janneth Sanchez is pregnant and the bullet came very close to her when this happened.  She could have lost two kids that day in one single moment.  I understand that a single action can change the course of many lives in an instant and we need more people who are willing to take the time that is needed... when it is needed most... before something happens.  If you'd like to join her Facebook page to learn how you can help here is the link for Chino and Ivy.        

The arbitrary application of rules, laws and accountability is as wide spread problem throughout the land for animals and people... especially the innocent.  To me it is discrimination and oppression even in this day and age.  It is wrong and I'm tired of living in a world that passively accepts this as being just the way things are.  There are way too many animals that are bought and dumped at the high kill shelters as well and until we all take responsibility for our actions we need not punish them for our crimes.  The innocent need our help and our voice because theirs is being lost in the insanity that is the new normal now a days.  You have two choices, follow the rules or do what is right and the choice will always be yours. 

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