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Sex, drugs and smoking.

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What do all these things have in common?  They all seems to be hotly debated among many, inside and outside of politics.  Birth control has come under threat... again so we'll continue providing fresh warm bodies for war and possibly worse.  Prescription drugs are killing more people than they help and smoking a plain old tobacco cigarette is being blamed for many of the world illsReally?  Read these articles again.  I thought we were trying to go forward but the tug of war goes on and on.  I'll admit when I was young, smoke stunk to high heaven but as I got older it became cool.  Then it was a way to calm my nerves and finally... I just like to smoke.  Recently I found out about a chemical free cigarette other than the roll your owns and the difference is night and day.  It almost reminds me of the stuff the old timers smoked and the flavored tobacco smells so divine.  I've had several conversations with non smokers and understand their concerns, especially about the smell.  They have a right to avoid smoke and I respect that.  There are solutions to this problem that are very effective but again it all boils down to cost and control.   I even had a little conversation with a newer internet acquaintance and when the conversation was over, they promptly deleted me.  

The conversation started over a link to a video I posted called Smoking Bans: Killing our job, our health and our freedoms.  I try hard not to debate people with deep rooted beliefs because it is the proverbial brick wall I keep talking about, but this one had made several comments on a few other posts about vegans verses meat eaters that let me know they didn't approve of that comparison either, right after they stated, "Yeah. I'm in the 'everything in moderation' camp."

Them:  I can't watch this on my Nook, but smoking bans are killing our HEALTH? 

Me:  Yes they are saying that the quit smoking drugs are way worse than smoking itself. And to be honest the gov does NOT really care about our health and the banning of smoking is another control factor. 

Them:  Then they're not destroying OUR health. They might be affecting the health of those people who CHOOSE to quit a horrible, unhealthy habit by using the drugs. 

Me:  The problem is the med's to quit have a side effect that either makes them suicidal which does not effect non smokers BUT if they become homicidal then I'd say yes they can destroy lives quite easily. It is so easy to go after the smokers than the big business polluters that cause more damage than all the smokers combined.

Them:  Then get the drugs taken off the market. Or make the side effects so well-known that people avoid them. Or do more to teach kids how truly AWFUL smoking is so fewer of them start and quitting drugs won't have a market. Smoking BANS are not the issue. As a non-smoker who was so tired of breathing in someone else's disgusting, unhealthy habit and stinking of it after being in a public place, I'm SO grateful for them. I wish there were more of them.

Me:  First I understand where you are coming from but I am a smoker. A considerate one at that and think big pharma is not going to pull any medication from the market... even it it kills thousands. As much as I agree with kids not smoking, I found it doesn't matter so much what we think... they will do what they want when they can. I think making so many things available but forbidden makes them so much harder to resist... no matter what age you are. Bans ARE the issue because it should be settled with the individual business and IF they gave smokers a properly ventilated place to smoke then it would be a non issue all the way around. If you start advocating the use of banning things you don't like or agree with then I wouldn't be surprised when the things you use starts to get banned eventually. Remember it is about dividing the masses and having them turn on one another... so we will not be paying attention to what the PTB are doing.

Them:  We're going to have to agree to disagree.

Me:  I can live with that. :)

Delete.  The end.  So much for tolerance.  I do wish them well and only use this as an example of the mindset.  But honestly to their last response I wanted to write... I don't particularly like intolerance and ignorance but I am not out there pushing for a ban on those... the world then might be a pretty empty place.  But I refrained and tried my best to use the little information I had retained to explain another view point.  I'm sure there are more well meaning but misinformed people out there that are married to their beliefs.  Be careful because it could cost you, your life.  As always I am not advocating you to smoke... just let me smoke in peace.  I really don't understand all these folks who want to live forever or at least a very long time.  To do so you have to give up many things that may be considered unhealthy... but for me quality is more important than quantity of life... and I've felt that way for a very long time.  But as it turns out, if smoking helps more than it harms then the jokes on me... again.  The following referers to Authoritative Followers who believe in what they hear and not what the see but illustrates the point so well.   

 From the book "When Prophecy Fails." Festinger observed:

A man with a conviction is a hard man to change. Tell him you disagree and he turns away. Show him facts or figures and he questions your sources. Appeal to logic and he fails to see your point.

We have all experienced the futility of trying to change a strong conviction, especially if the convinced person has some investment in h
is belief. We are familiar with the variety of ingenious defenses with which people protect their convictions, managing to keep them unscathed through the most devastating attacks.

But man's resourcefulness goes beyond simply protecting a belief. Suppose an individual believes something with his whole heart; suppose further that he has a commitment to this belief, that he has taken irrevocable actions because of it; finally, suppose that he is presented with evidence, unequivocal and undeniable evidence, that his belief is wrong: what will happen? The individual will frequently emerge, not only unshaken, but even more convinced of the truth of his beliefs than ever before. Indeed, he may even show a new fervor about convincing and converting other people to his view.

It seems that part of the problem has to do with ego and the need to be "right." People with a high "need to be right" or "perfect" seem to be unable to acknowledge that they have been conned. "There is no crime in the cynical American calendar more humiliating than to be a sucker." People will go along with and support a psychopath, in the face of evidence that they have and ARE being conned, because their own ego structure depends on being right, and to admit an error of judgment would destroy their carefully constructed image of themselves.

Even more amazing is the fact that when psychopaths do get exposed by someone who is not afraid to admit that they have been conned, the psychopath is a master at painting their victims as the "real culprits." Hare cites a case of the third wife of a forty year old high school teacher:

Drug companies want us to use their scripts to quit smoking and now it seem like they'd rather sell us prenatal vitamins than birth control.  Why are the republicans, religious right and the drug companies so interested in what we as women do with our bodiesHave we already gone too far?  This author of Thoughts of the Feminist Movement: Why I don't clap along, writes so eloquently and echo's how I feel about the ideas society sells us as being free.  Here is a chart that shows who has made the most comments on women's issues, and will you be surprised at the results?   I have and will always advocate for choice when it comes to issues like abortion, adoption, orientation, birth control and any other decision that involves a commitment.  Why?  I think it's being responsible that counts the most when weighing all the available facts around you... even if it's a little late... better late than never.  Mistakes happen and I live in the real world were sex is pushed in every direction and some men are not fathers in any reality.  People are different, situations are different, available options are different and most importantly... if you don't have a support system that can help you then it will have an effect on the decisions you have to make.  It's easy for others to judge you without ever walking a mile in your shoes but do not let that detract you from doing what's right for you and those you care for... whatever that choice may be.  And these doctors who feel as if they can play God have absolutely no clue either, so I can't waste any more time on them.  Also if you're aware of the amount of pharmaceuticals that are routinely flushed into the toilets and the fluoridation already present in our drinking water, just how can any doctor tell us what is wrong with us, much less how to fix it?  I guess we should be thankful that our water is a bit cleaner than other parts of the world

So with all of this, how can anyone still think the people who really run this world... care about the rest of us in any form what so ever?  Why do so many still continue to follow bad advice with out doing any serious research on whatever problem they have?  And most importantly have folks given up on working together to solve a problem instead of just banning things that don't suit them?  Why does everyone want to be different but they can't live with the differences themselves?  I guess it is easier than taking on issues like the corruption of our food, schools, wall street, war in the middle east or the one right here at home.  You know the one... the war for our every freedom and rights as a human being.  The more things are banned the more products for the black markets to flourish.  Prohibition didn't work then and it will not work now.  As for the women out there I guess our last option is to stop having relations completely until there are some serious changes brought about... especially if you can't have a smoke afterward ;)

But I just may be preaching to the choir so to speak because most of the people who have traveled this journey with me so far are the ones who are not afraid to think about things objectively.  Each positive message I've received has been the motivation to continue and I just want to thank you for hanging out with me for a bit.  If anyone has any question or comments please send me an email and know I welcome your input, experiences or recommendations.                           

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Friday, April 6, 2012

When will we ever learn?

Scientology, the CIA, and MIVILUDES: Cults of Abuse

Please order and watch these documentaries when you have some time.  They are between 1 and a half and two hours long each.  Even if you are not a history buff, there is still some very important information in these videos and I highly recommend them.  Also read this article on Jonestown, this article about slavery then and now,  this series about pop culture and then this piece on more current mind melding events to bring you up to speed on where this post will go.  Yes, I know that's a lot of reading and it feels a little like homework but it really pulls together the music and movie theme I have threaded through out this blog to show which programs that may be running through my head.  If you read every article and I hope you do it will probably take a week or two depending on your available time. Much appreciation for the writers and the creators of these videos and articles.  Also much appreciation to all the people at SOTT that make available the many resources I have linked to.  What does this all have to do with you?  Seems like we have all been programmed into believing we are in control of our own life but the opposite is actually true.  There is a war for your mind, soul and suffering going on and it has been going on for a long time.  The lies have been told and believed by so many that I'm not sure if they will ever see or hear anything different.           

Being a southerner has been a source of great pride among many for generations.  Sweet tea, peach cobbler with Sunday dinner after church was the norm through out many homes way back when.  On the surface great gentility was one of the charms that held an allure for me but as days went by it became more of a redneck hillbilly culture that is still celebrated to this day.  The rebel flag is still waved often in some parts of the south.  As I wrote in People are different for a reason, I have always wondered why it is so easy to judge another... based on their skin color but after watching the opening scenes in Evidence of Revision about Dr. Martin Luther King, I am vividly reminded about how easy is was for a person of color to lose their life at the whim of someone who has nothing but hatred in their heart... based on a color.  Sound ridiculous, but that hate has been passed down from many generations and is something that may be just one of those old programs that need to be retired.  I wonder if people would change their beliefs if they knew that they had to come back as the very people, person, culture, or sex you hate.  If that's even remotely possible then there will be some very unhappy people coming back again and again until they get it right.   

When we were learning about the Civil War in middle school, I remember my teacher glossing over slavery and stated simply that it was unfortunate time.  Yeah, I bet it was... especially if you were black.  It struck me as so very wrong on so many levels that any one human would use another human as property for the sake of making a profit and then turn around and deny the same people the right to their own life after they were declared free.  It was a sad thought of human history that one human has to fight tooth and nail just to become free.  Who thought of this way of life and better yet, who is still perpetuating this very mind set today?  Not just with people of color but with any person who is different on the outside and who does not conform to what the masses are doing?  If human kind is supposed to be at the top of the food chain then why are we hell bent of consuming ourselves?  What does that say about us?  Would it surprise you to know we are not at the top of the food chain?  Would it change your mind in how you look at others when you understand that their suffering was intentionally inflected on them and you, just so that others could profit?  Psychopathy seems to be the root of most of societies problems because it effects any and everything it touches.  It divides humans and causes each of us to lose sight of what it means to be a human being.             

On another note looking back at the hippie generation which I stated at the beginning of this series was one of my great loves.  On the outside the anti war, protesting drug users looked like people who were more in tuned with my line of thinking but after looking at another view point I can see how wrong I was... again.  Seems like the great pretenders have been plucking about for longer than even radio and TV but they used those avenues as a way of subverting a real uprising of protesters to the war.  If you do any google web search on the corrupted music industry then you'll find a vast array of material about the use of subliminal messages that may have been inserted in or consisted entirely of many of the classics.  And I must say this, I know I am old and most people past a certain age lock into a music genre and then consider most of the new stuff that comes out as terrible.  I am no exception to this rule.  It seems like the music industry has collapsed under the greed of making a profit and no longer care to produce anything with soul... except for maybe Adele.  But I doubt it changed so much as to stop entering into our subconscious with ease.  Why would they stop?  It was wildly successful before and there is no need to change what works.  Until young artist stop paying the price of admission which is their soul to enter the business then they will have no passion behind their voice.   

If the PTB that operate behind the mask of the multitude of alphabet agencies can orchestrate all that the videos and articles imply, then we must rethink many of the events in history as well.  For you who may be a non believer of this and think I am just another raving lunatic believing in conspiracy theories, then you'd be incorrect.  I am interested in facts not just the hype or propaganda that passes for truth now a days so please don't send the men with white coats... just yet.  One example of my programming that I had was I believed in the death penalty.  As you may know there are some people who perpetuate the most horrible of crimes and it has been touted as a means to deter people from doing them and I agreed with that logic.  Until I started to read about how many people the states executed that were proved innocent after the fact, usually through DNA.  Add that fact to the death penalty is not applied uniformly or even fairly in some cases and let's be honest... we execute more black men than any other in almost every state.  Despite all this, it is not a deterrent to crime and the evidence is clear.  I understand that our justice system was founded with the philosophy of innocent until proven guilty and all... but is that really what you see?  Do you believe the local news of how most of crimes committed now a days are only from people of color?  Me personally I think a lot of the misdemeanor crimes are being committed by the desperate people who have been marginalized from the onset.  It seems to me like congress just adds reams of paperwork that turn into more laws just so they can find more reasons to throw more people in jail.  If you happen to be white you might want to pay more attention to how the brothers and sisters are being treated because it will be your future if you stand by and do nothing.  I understand that you may have anger about the situations in the world but until you see who is the real criminals of the world, then you will be able to do nothing to stop it and may just be hindering the ones who do.  At the very least rethink everything you think you know about the system and then watch this 2 hour long doc called The Net, The Unabomber, LSD and The Internet., for another perspective on the same old game that is being played.   

If you haven't noticed there is more wars going on now and with that it seems rational to think that there will be another movement that will be taken over and divided or flat our created by the PTB just as the hippies were used to control the opposition.  What that form will ultimately be is anyone guess, but you can probably bet they will be doing whatever it takes to divert your attention.  Which brings me to another dark aspect of the control system we live under.  As if I haven't given you enough to read and watch there is more that needs to be addressed and it too is a long, but well worthy read by Dave McGowen.  It ties in to the Laurel Canyon series however briefly and explains just how little the PTB care about human life.  It also is the new version of slavery where no child is safe from it's clutches.  You may ask me how do I know if any of this could possible be true?  Well, there are a few things... and the first one happened when I was 9 years old and I heard a sound bite of this girls murder on the news.  Amanda Ray was 10 at the time she died.  Only 2 years later another news story reported another girls death named Neely Smith and her body was found near the county line some where near where we lived.   Hearing this news as a kid caused me to dream that I saw her skull in the woods behind our house... and even though that event did not take place... I would dream about the whole series of events for quite a long time afterward.  Reading the events now is chilling enough but even then I knew there were serious dangers to even children.  Later, living in the group home all those years ago, led me to meet many kids, my age that were abused one way or another from family, friends and strangers.  It is one thing to read stories but to hear them in person and see the effects it has on their life, is different all together.  I have been very lucky not to have had to endure that as so many children have.  But it hasn't closed my eyes to the fact that things like this do happen. Even social networking sites like Facebook are a breeding ground for vile activities.  And if you are curious about what the child protective services and Family Courts do then read this!  

Also, shortly before I got pregnant with Trey we all lived behind one of the oldest strip bars in the city... I think and we would walk the short distance to the store for smokes.  In doing so we met a variety of prostitutes along the way and one of them was only 12 years old at the time.  What broke my heart was she seemed so tough on the outside but living on the streets was no place for a 12 year old.  I was in no position to help then being 17, broke and living with a bunch of people but I never forgot about her.  The ugliness is real and happens in the present day.  In case you need any more proof that it could happen any where... then for all my locals please read this short article on Henry Wallace and remember I was in and around this small 5 mile area at the beginning of his run.  I was working in the bar and in and out of many of the places where the victims were.  I could have met them at any time and I wondered why there wasn't much more info made public about this.  The problems of this world have been ignored for too long and as a result they have grown to epic proportions.  I am just as much as fault as any of you and now I realize it's time to educate ourselves about the darkness of this world.  If we don't, I feel sure that the PTB will continue to rewrite history, suppress the masses by fear and terror all the while having us sing some mindless pop song as we continue down the path to our own destruction.  If you are afraid now, then this can only get worse, but if we collectively overcome our fear and our ignorance of psychopathy then we have a chance against the disease that is threatening humanity as a whole.  Let Your Life Be a Friction to Stop the Machine.  

The moral to this story is that the big wigs of religion are rubbing elbows with the big wigs of the mafia who rub elbows with the big wigs of the entertainment world, who also rub elbows with the big wigs of the political world, who rub more elbows with the big wigs in the bankers world, who then rubs elbows with the big wigs in the medical, scientific and technology world, who rub elbows with the big wigs in the military industrial complex world who also rub elbows with the big wigs of religion.  Talk about cozy... but it is a small world after all.                          

Civil Case King Family versus Jowers                         

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